Coronavirus Information Academic Planning

Spring 2021 plans

Missouri S&T continues with plans to begin the spring semester on Tuesday, Jan. 19, with a combination of in-person, hybrid/blended, and remote instruction.

In order to help create a campus environment that complies with health and safety guidelines, the class delivery method, or modality, may have changed for some courses. Please check JoeSS, Canvas, or with the course instructor for information about how your professors plan to deliver courses. S&T’s various delivery methods include:

  • Online Asynchronous – classes are delivered remotely, without a specific meeting time.
  • Online Synchronous – classes are delivered remotely at regularly scheduled times.
  • Online Synchronous with in-person testing – lectures will be delivered remotely, but students will take exams on campus in spaces that allow for required physical distancing.
  • Blended – classes are delivered through a combination of remote instruction and face-to-face instruction in a classroom that allows for physical distancing. Blended courses are also called hybrid courses.
  • Classroom-based – the course will take place in a classroom that allows for physical distancing (6 feet of space between desks, face coverings required).

Please note that all classes, regardless of delivery method, may have opportunities for in-person components. Please check the course syllabus for details and contact the instructor with any questions.

S&T resources

To better support the campus community, the S&T campus Learning Transition Team has launched a new website,, with resource links for students, faculty and staff regarding changes to academic operations and delivery of courses for the spring semester. This website will be updated with the latest information and guidelines to make sure you stay connected and keep learning. This website is in addition to – and does not replace – the UM System’s website,

UM System teaching resources

The University of Missouri System has posted a teaching resources website to help faculty maintain teaching continuity and uninterrupted learning in the event of a campus closure. In addition, the Keep Learning website provides online learning resources for students, instructors and staff. See also the UM System’s Remote Work/Remote Teaching FAQ.

Frequently asked questions for teaching and learning remotely

How do we teach, learn and work from a remote location?

Access to these online resources, services and digital technologies is critical:

How do I forward my phone?

If you’re an authorized user of an office or departmental phone, please go to and sign in with your S&T SSO and password.

  1. Once signed in, choose User Setting from the top.
  2. On left, select your extension link.
  3. Towards the bottom of the screen, select the “Edit Block List and Dial Rules” link.
  4. Scroll through the Rules list at the bottom of the page, find transfer, click that, and enter 3 plus the seven digit number you want your phone transferred to. Do not included dashes or the area code. To remove forwarding, follow the same process, click on disable. Please remember that transferred calls must be to a local number.
How do I get a professional Zoom account?

All University of Missouri faculty, staff and students can have a licensed (Pro) Zoom account at no cost. These accounts have no time limit and a 300-participant limit. If you currently have a Zoom Pro account, continue to log in with your S&T username and password at:  For those that do not have a Zoom Pro / Licensed account and would like to create a new account, log in with your S&T username and password at:

How do I create a Canvas account?

A Canvas course is automatically created for every course at S&T. The instructor must make the course available to students. Please contact CAFE’s instructional designers at for more information.